Our Story

Robank® Equine is a family owned and operated Equine Feed Manufacturer, producing quality equestrian feed products for recreational riders and industry professionals since 1978.

Robank® Equine manufacturing facility is located at Ebenezer, 1 hour North West of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. This location allows us to manufacture and distribute our High Quality Equine Feeds both domestically and internationally (with close proximity to major road transport hubs and the Port of Sydney for export clientele).

From its humble beginnings in a small tin shed with one employee in 1978 Frank and Ria began their dream with a single thought – to build

their business based on quality and service and to blend feed for the local community. The beginning of 1990, John (son of Frank and Ria) expanded the on-site mixing facility. Robank® Equine now had the ability to source and blend customised feeds for the equine industry and give greater quality control and reassurance to our clients.

As the market changed demanding more variety we listened, expanding our stock to cater for the growing equine market.

In 2001 Frank and Ria were joined by John and Marianne in the management of the business, with John becoming Director, ensuring Robank® remains a family owned and operated business.

In 2014 Robank® saw a major expansion to the feed mill with the addition of an Infra-Red Micronizer. This enabled us to further improve our existing feeds and introduce a new feed line; Robank “Equi-NIZE®”.

We are committed to the equine market and will undertake further expansion of the mill in the future. As part of our commitment to equine customers we are FEEDSAFE® and HACCP® accredited and a medication free mill. Robank® also utilise the latest technology available from Alltech® one of the largest animal bio-tech companies in the world, using their range of 100% organic minerals and digestive aid products.


Our Mission

Robank® Equine’s mission is to produce nutritionally balanced products, developed to meet the needs of a variety of equine breeds, industries and disciplines at different stages throughout the equine life-cycle. To support our mission Robank® Equine continually works with our technical & nutritional partner Dr Stephen Duren (Performance Horse Nutrition) and his staff, advancing formulations based on ongoing qualified research.

Robank® Equine also enhance the nutritional values of our products through the supplementation of vital nutrients and trace elements through our ongoing partnership with Alltech®. The Alltech® Equine range consists of natural, nutritional solutions tailored to address challenges impacting horse health and performance. Encompassing all of Alltech’s advantage to ensure customer satisfaction and the quality of our products.

Unlike some of our competitors, Robank® Equine’s manufacturing facility is dedicated solely to the production of equine feed products, with a commitment to both quality and service for our customers.