Robank® Equi-NIZE® Beet Flakes

Robank® Equi-NIZE® Beet Flakes are an excellent source of fibre for your horse. They are also a great source of energy and provide a good source of calcium as well.

Robank® Equi-NIZE® Beet Flakes can be added to any diet where additional calories or fibre is required. It can be fed on its own or mixed with other feeds if desired.


Robank® Equi-NIZE® Beet Flakes
Feeding Rates

Robank®  Equi-NIZE® Beet Flakes can be fed at the following rate:

Feed between 250gms to 2kg per day split over at least two feedings. Amount fed will depend on body condition, age and activity level.

  • Feed at a ratio of 5: 1 (5litres of water to 1 kg of beet flakes)
  • Soaking time: 10 minutes in cold water or 5 minutes in hot water

Feeding amounts may vary with breed, age, exercise and body condition. As with all feed changes, introduce Robank®  Equi-NIZE® Beet Flakes gradually over a 7-14 day period.

Hay / Forage

To ensure correct balance of fibre and roughage, Robank®  Equi-NIZE® Beet Flakes should be fed with good quality forage and or hay.