Robank® Pony Pellets

Robank® Pony Pellets has been specifically formulated for ponies and pleasure horses that need a low energy diet. It has been formulated to make it suitable for all classes of horses and ponies

Robank® Pony Pellets are an ideal feed for ponies and horses doing low to moderate exercise.

Robank® Pony Pellets have been formulated to include Bioplex® minerals, zinc, copper and manganese ensuring proper mineral nutrition for your horse or pony.

Robank® Pony Pellets are an economical option for your equine partner when you want a simple complete feed option.

Robank® Pony Pellets
Product Features

  •  includes BioPlex® minerals (zinc, copper and manganese) for maximum absorption and retention which aids in healthier hooves, bones and cartilage development.Includes Bioplex® minerals (zinc, copper and manganese) for maximum absorption and retention which aids in healthier hooves, bone and cartilage repair.
  • Utilises beet pulp and fat for a cooler energy source for sustained energy.
  • Sel-Plex®


Robank® Pony Pellets



Bran, Pollard, Barley, Wheat, Limestone, Molasses, Salt, Global Performance Premix, Bio-Mos®, Bio-Plex®, Yea-Sacc®.

Robank® Pony Pellets Nutrient Analysis

Energy 11.7 Mj/Kg
Protein% 14.60%
Fat% 3%
Fibre% 7.70%
Calcium% 1.40%
Phosphorus% 0.70%
Zinc, ppm 125ppm
Copper, ppm 30ppm
Manganese, ppm 187ppm
Selenium, ppm 0.6ppm
Iodine, ppm 0.3ppm
Cobalt, ppm 0.6ppm
Vit A, IU/kg 4409 IU/Kg
Vit B12, IU/Kg 0.01 Mg/Kg
Vit C, IU/Kg 2.6 Mg/Kg
Vit D3, IU/kg 440 IU/Kg
Vit K, IU/Kg (Menadione) 2.9 IU/Kg
Vit E, IU/kg 90 IU/Kg
Lysine% 0.50%
Sodium 0.40%
Potassium 0.90%
Iron 159ppm
Thiamin 3.5 Mg/Kg
Pantothenic 18 Mg/Kg
Choline 1006 Mg/Kg
Biotin 0.3 Mg/Kg
Folacin 1.4 Mg/Kg
Magnesium 0.30%
Chloride 0.60%
WSC 7.70%
Starch 19%
ESC (Sugar) 4.6
Niacin 16 Mg/Kg

Robank® Pony Pellets Feeding Rates

Feeding amounts may vary with breed, age, exercise and body condition.

One Robank® feed scoop is approximately 1 kg of
Robank® Pony Pellets


Small Horse (Pony) 1-5Kg/Day
Light Horse 1-5Kg/Day
Medium Horse (Light-Mod) 1-5Kg/Day
Large Horse (Light-Mod) 1-5Kg/Day
Horse (Moderate Work) 1-5Kg/Day

Feeding with other grains

Robank® Pony Pellets have been formulated to provide a balanced and economical feed for horses and ponies under low to moderate work and requires no further grain supplementation for general use.


Hay / Forage

To ensure correct balance of fibre and roughage, Robank® Pony Pellets should be fed with good quality forage and or hay.