Robank® Equi-NIZE® Showtime®

Robank® Equi-NIZE® Showtime® is a scientifically formulated high fat, high fibre, cereal grain free feed designed for show and competition horses requiring a cool energy feed. Robank® Equi-NIZE® Showtime® utilizes the latest technology of micronizing to cook the grains and change the starch structure in the grain, this combined with quality ingredients makes a feed that is highly palatable and digestible to the horse. Robank® Equi-NIZE® Showtime® contains a highly fortified mixing pellet that has all the vitamins and trace minerals as well as digestive aids Yea-sacc® and Bio-mos®. This ensures maximum utilization of these important nutrients by the horse by eliminating separation of them in the feed. Robank® Equi-NIZE® Showtime® includes high quality protein sources (Equi-NIZE® Lupins, Equi-NIZE® Tic Bean) which provide amino acids, which are the building blocks for muscle and assist with topline development.

Robank® Equi-NIZE® Showtime® Product Features

  • High fat for gleaming coat and slow release energy.
  • High in fibre utilising the super fibre beet pulp for a fermentable energy source.
  • Contains Natural Vitamin E and organic selenium(Sel-plex®) to assist muscle repair and antioxidant effect.
  • Contains the digestive aids Yea-sacc® and Bio-mos® for improved fibre digestion and immune function.


Robank® Equi-NIZE® Showtime® Ingredients

Robank Equi-NIZE®

Robank® Micronized Mixer Pellets (which includes Vitamins & Minerals, Di-Calcium Phosphate, Calcium Carbonate,Yea-Sacc®, Bio-Mos®, Natural Vitamin E, Sel-Plex®, Lysine, Methionine) Robank Equi-NIZE® Lupin Flakes, Lucerne Pellets, Robank® Equi-NIZE® Tic Bean Flakes, Beet Pulp, Molafos® Gold, Canola oil, Yea-Sacc®, Bio-Mos®

Robank® Equi-NIZE® Showtime® Nutrient Analysis


Energy 11.7 Mj/Kg
Protein% 20%
Fat% 9%
Fibre% 14%
Calcium% 1.40%
Phosphorus% 0.70%
Zinc, ppm 203ppm
Copper, ppm 74ppm
Manganese, ppm 202ppm
Selenium, ppm 1.0ppm
Iodine, ppm 1.6ppm


Cobalt, ppm 2.05ppm
Vit A, IU/kg 16500 IU/Kg
Vit B12, IU/Kg 0.08 Mg/Kg
Vit C, IU/Kg 0.07 Mg/Kg
Vit D3, IU/kg 1600 IU/Kg
Vit K, IU/Kg (Menadione) 22.0 IU/Kg
Vit E, IU/kg 625 IU/Kg
Lysine% 0.012
Sodium 0.0017
Potassium 0.01
Iron 465ppm


Thiamin 20 Mg/Kg
Pantothenic 48 Mg/Kg
Choline 1900 Mg/Kg
Biotin 0.5 Mg/Kg
Folacin 10.6 Mg/Kg
Magnesium 0.50%
Chloride 0.20%
WSC 5.90%
Starch 3.50%
ESC (Sugar) 5.2
Niacin 121 Mg/Kg

Robank® Equi-NIZE® Showtime® Feeding Rates

Feeding amounts may vary with breed, age, exercise and body condition.

One Robank® feed scoop is approximately 1 kg of
Robank® Equi-NIZE® Showtime®


Small Horse (Pony) 1-1.5Kg/Day
Light Horse 1-2Kg/Day
Medium Horse (Light-Mod) 1.5-3Kg/Day
Large Horse (Light-Mod) 1.5-3Kg/Day

Feeding with other grains

Robank® Equi-NIZE® Showtime® is a complete and balanced feed product which can be fed on its own or with additional Equi-NIZE® grains to further enhance the feed characteristics.

Hay / Forage

To ensure correct balance of fibre and roughage, Robank® Equi-NIZE® Showtime® should be fed with good quality forage and or hay.