Robank® Equi-NIZE® Revolution®

Robank® Equi-NIZE® Revolution® is a scientifically formulated sweet feed designed to provide for the nutritional needs of horses in moderate to heavy work.

Robank® Equi-NIZE® Revolution® provides a sound nutritional base supplying essential nutrients for the horse.

Robank® Equi-NIZE® Revolution® can be fed with other grains or as a complete feed.


Robank® Equi-NIZE® Revolution®
Product Features

  • Utilising Robank® Equi-NIZED® Grains and Pulses.
  • Yea-sacc® yeast culture to enhance fibre and nutrient absorption.
  • Sel-Plex® organic selenium to aid in optimizing Immune response.
  • Bio-Mos® to stimulate the immune function and bind harmful bacteria.
  • DeOdourase®, a natural ammonia binder. Assists with lowering ammonia levels and helps improve equine health.


Robank® Equi-NIZE® Revolution®


Robank® Equi-NIZE® Barley Flakes, Robank® Equi-NIZE® Maize Flakes, Robank® Equi-NIZE® Lupin Flakes, Sunflower Seeds, Molafos Gold, Soyabean Oil, Salt, Limestone, DCP, Global Performance Premix, L Lysine, E Mag, DL Methionine (Vitamin E), EDDI, Yea-Sacc®, Bio-Mos®, DeOdourase®, Flavouring.

Robank® Equi-NIZE® Revolution® Nutrient Analysis

Energy 12.9 Mj/Kg
Protein% 15%
Fat% 7%
Fibre% 7%
Calcium% 1.00%
Phosphorus% 0.50%
Zinc, ppm 174ppm
Copper, ppm 55ppm
Manganese, ppm 171ppm
Selenium, ppm 0.7ppm
Iodine, ppm 2.0ppm
Cobalt, ppm 1.8ppm
Vit A, IU/kg 11000 IU/Kg
Vit B12, IU/Kg 0.03 Mg/Kg
Vit C, IU/Kg 0.6 Mg/Kg
Vit D3, IU/kg 100 IU/Kg
Vit K, IU/Kg (Menadione) 7.6 IU/Kg
Vit E, IU/kg 450 IU/Kg
Lysine% 1.05%
Sodium 0.70%
Potassium 0.60%
Iron 275ppm
Thiamin 10.7 Mg/Kg
Pantothenic 19.05 Mg/Kg
Choline 706 Mg/Kg
Biotin 0.2 Mg/Kg
Folacin 3.7 Mg/Kg
Magnesium 0.30%
Chloride 0.90%
WSC 6.00%
Starch 31.00%
ESC (Sugar) 3.10%
Niacin 56 Mg/Kg

Robank® Equi-NIZE® Revolution® Feeding Rates

Feeding amounts may vary with breed, age, exercise and body condition.

One Robank® feed scoop is approximately 1 kg of
Robank® Equi-NIZE® Revolution®


Horse (Moderate Work) 4-7Kg/Day
Horse (Intense Work) 4-7Kg/Day

Feeding with other grains

When enhancing the feed characteristics of Robank® Equi-NIZE® Revolution® with other grains, feed 3-4Kg of Robank® Equi-NIZE® Revolution® with 2-3Kg of added grains.

Hay / Forage

To ensure correct balance of fibre and roughage, Robank® Equi-NIZE® Revolution® should be fed with good quality forage and or hay.