The Robank® Breeding Product Range

Specifically formulated for mares and young growing horses and stud stock.

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Scientifically formulated concentrate for growing horses mares & stallions.

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A fully fortified concentrated pellet a sound nutritonal base for all horses.

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A controlled energy source for growth, body condition & enhanced hair coat quality.

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FeedSafe® & HACCP accredited

FeedSafe® is a program operated by the SFMCA (Stock Feed Manufacturers Council of Australia) aimed at increasing the commitment of the Australian stock feed industry to quality assurance and risk mitigation in the manufacture and use of animal feeds.

HACCP is a proactive risk management system designed to identify hazards at all steps of feed operations to ensure that the safety of stock feed is under control. It is based on preventative monitoring therefore providing a high level of food protection.

Equine nutrition

Robank® Equine mission is to produce nutritionally balanced products, developed to meet the needs of a variety of equine breeds, industries and disciplines at different stages throughout the equine life-cycle. To support our mission Robank® Equine continually works with our technical & nutritional associates Dr Steve Duren (Performance Horse Nutrition), advancing formulations based on ongoing qualified research.

Robank® Equine also enhance the nutritional values of our products through the supplementation of vital nutrients and trace elements through our ongoing partnership with Alltech®. The Alltech® Equine range consists of natural, nutritional solutions tailored to address challenges impacting horse health and performance. Encompassing all of Alltech®’s advantage to ensure customer satisfaction and the quality of our products.